Venturer Lodge is a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex, and was consecrated was consecrated in 1963 at The Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford.

We are also active Members of the Kindred Lodges Association (KLA) an umbrella organisation for Lodges with a youth connection.

We currently meet at: Chingford Masonic Hall on the 2nd Thursdays in January, April (Installation), July & October. 


Our History

The Lodge meets on the 2nd Thursday in January, April, July and October. The Lodge was consecrated at Freemasons’ Hall, London (by dispensation) by the Provincial Grand Master for Essex, R.W.Bro. The Earl of Warwick, and was sponsored by Shurmur Lodge No. 2374.

The original idea of forming a Lodge for the benefit of brethren and Scout leaders from the area near Gilwell Park (the International Training Centre for Scout leaders) came from W.Bro. Harold Davies supported by Bro. Alf Wingrove, at that time District Scout Commissioner for Chingford and an Assistant Camp Chief at Gilwell Park.

In 1961 a meeting was held to which a number of potential members were invited. Further meetings took place and in early 1963 there were 21 Founder Members listed when the Lodge was consecrated.

It was originally hoped to name the Lodge “Gilwell Lodge” but owing to objections the idea had to be dropped and the name “Venturer” was substituted. Much of the original Lodge furnishings and regalia was contributed with some being hand-made.

The Lodge meets at the Chingford Masonic Hall that is situated at the junction of the road leading to Gilwell Park. Similarly the Lodge badge, which incorporates the Gilwell emblem of the Log and Axe, illustrates the close links maintained by the Lodge with Gilwell Park.

The July meeting each year is our Uniform meeting, when darks suits make way for Scout Uniform, and other youth orientated uniforms such as St John Ambulance Brigade and Cadet Forces.

In 1970 a Royal Arch Chapter was consecrated in connection with the Lodge.

The Lodge is an active member of the Kindred Lodges Association, which is an organisation of Lodges with a youth affiliation. The KLA hold 2 Festival Meetings per year. Venturer has hosted a Festival on four occasions in 1983, 1995, 2003 and 2013. We also hosted a memorable meeting in 2007 on the middle Saturday of the World Scout Jamboree which was held at Chelmsford.